10 Common Car Seat Misuses

Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 car seats are used incorrectly.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Up-to-date information on recalls, defects, vehicle safety, and local and federal laws and regulations.

Car Seat Check Up Check List

A quick check-up list to ensure your child’s car seat is properly installed.

Safe Kids Worldwide Car Safety Workshops for Parents

A guide to car safety workshops and classes for parents across the United States.

Safer Car’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Heat Stroke in Children

How to prevent car related heat strokes in children, and what to do in the event you suspect one.

Recall, Investigations, and Complaints Search Tool for Vehicles, Tires, Equipment, and Car Seats

An easy search tool to see if your car, tires, or car seats have ever been subject to widespread complaints or recalls.

Find and Compare Crash Safety Ratings

A find and compare tool for crash safety ratings.

ConsumerReports’ Guide to Writing Car Safety Complaints

Need to file a safety complaint about your car, tires, or car equipment? Consumer Reports offers a guide here.

Car Rollovers 101

A guide on how to keep your family safe in the event of a rollover.


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