How to Enjoy the Benefits of Nature from Your Car

Remember in the olden days when people went for leisurely Sunday drives to take in the scenery and relax? Now driving tends to be rushed and stressful. But what if we tapped into this old tradition and started looking out our car window in a whole new way? Driving...
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The Great Minivan Debate

If you're a mom, you know all too well what the dreaded stereotype is. You have to drive a minivan, right? When all is said and done, it comes down to practicality and while the new mom of one can get away with her cute sedan or flashy SUV, let's face it, if you are...
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Here Are the Safest Car Toys Out There

Engage in any conversation about car safety and it’s only a matter of time before someone informs you that back in their day, they rode in a trunk full of angry scorpions and they’re still alive. So what’s the big deal? Luckily, over the intervening years we have...
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WARNING! Don’t Rent Car Seats With Your Rental Car

There’s no way around it, whether you go by plane, train, or automobile --- traveling with kids is hard. There are the extra pit stops, complete with meltdowns over their sudden thirst when they see the high fructose corn syrup character juice bottles in the gas...
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